Enspire 2017

MIIC organized various entrepreneurship related workshops, panel discussions, Trainings & conferences to give exposure to the students about business challenges, trends, prospectus & current scenarios. MIIC in association with, ED Cell organized “ENSPIRE 2017” on 8th April 2017. Event featured a Panel Discussion of successful entrepreneurs from food industry.

We had Mr. Mrigank Gujjar – the young sixteen year old Co-founder of the start-up (Infusion Drinks) which recently got a seed funding of 3 Crore rupees at IIM Indore.

The panelists Mr. Rahul Mundra, the Co-founder of Chaisa, and, Ms. Himadri Sharma, the Owner of O2-The Plant Café shared their journey in a very simplified manner to the students and told any idea can become a successful business if it is done with full commitment, following structured approach which meets customer’s stated & implied needs.

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