Incubation space

Upon admission to MIIC, the following infrastructural facilities will be offered to the incubated companies on an individual basis, apart from a set of shared/ common infrastructure mentioned hereinafter:

  • Office space: Company specific
  • Internet connection

Shared telephone lines – one line through internal exchange for communication within the campus, and one external line. MIIC will do the processing and acquire the lines. Each company will share the rentals and bi-monthly bills.

Co-working Space
  • Shared space
  • Meeting room
  • Basic facilities for office work, only for Registered Innovators
  • Computational support
Start-up support

Apart from physical infrastructure, MIIC intends to create certain other supports and services which would include:

  • Pool of mentors, experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration
  • Organizing events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies,
  • Meetings with alumni, VCs, industry professionals etc.

Incubatee companies can avail of the above support and services when offered by MNIT.

  • Facilitating networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the companies under incubation.
  • Pool of mentors, experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration.

In addition, MNIT shall also build up information and knowledge pool to be useful generically for startup companies. Incubation center along with entrepreneurship cell will coordinate various experts for management & other finance/ legal education and training programmes designed for start-up companies.

Business Development support

Virtual Incubation, a concept of incubation is also practiced by MIIC, MNIT Jaipur to promote entrepreneurship. MMIIC is willing to consider incubation applications from MNIT Jaipur alumni and other techno-preneurs to open their company for virtual incubation at MIIC. It is an opportunity for them to use MIIC, as a platform for developing innovative business products without being physically present at MIIC. These activities will be coordinated and managed by faculty mentor/s. The start-up company becomes the ‘Virtual Incubatee’ of MIIC. The institute shall offer the usual business and management support needed to incubate the start-ups on pay per use basis. Even a physical incubatee through this scheme can continue as virtual incubatee, after Normal Exit from the MIIC. The virtual incubatee utilizes the intellectual resources of MIIC. The registration fee for virtual incubates is as same as that for physical incubatees.

Lab facilities of MNIT

Incubating company can take help of Labs and Advance Research Centres of MNIT Jaipur, as per laid down terms and conditions.