360 Virtual India

SMAV Technology Pvt. Ltd.

360 Virtual India provides 360 Live guided 3D mapped Virtual Tour with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI...

Promoter Name: - Vipul Jagal & Anju Jagal

Domain: - Visual-Aids



We produce Nano Bio Materials from Ruminant Bio waste by setting up a Bio Refinery. Our start up is not just p...

Promoter Name: - Dr. satyaprakash verma

Domain: - Product Development

Website: -

Byangoma India

Byangoma India Pvt Ltd

Byangoma India Private Limited is doing some innovative ideas to use gases in Agriculture, Medical, Water trea...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Hanumant Singh

Domain: - Healthcare

Climatech Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Climatech Environment Pvt. Ltd.

"Climatech Environment is a climate technology company which is mitigating Climate Change by our inventive Dir...

Promoter Name: - Dr. Pramod Sharma, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Deependra Singh Shekhawat

Domain: - Clean Technology & Sustainable Development

Website: - www.climatech.co.in



We Provide Drone Projects to Drone Pilots within 50 km of their areas and provide them opportunity to work as ...

Promoter Name: -

Domain: - Drone services

Website: -



Promoter Name: - Mr. Vivek Raj, Ms. Sapna Gupta

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: -



We offer the most efficient way to cure a long-age problem of funerals conducted by wood with the help of regu...


Domain: - Eco-friendly Environment

Greendash Environomical Solutions

Greendash Environomical Solutions Pvt Ltd

Greendash works on Wealth out of Waste Concept. Waste is waste until further usage is unknown.

Promoter Name: - Mr. Ashok Tambi, Dr. Usha Tambi

Domain: - Waste Management

Hogwarts School of Drones Pvt. Ltd.

Hogwarts School of Drones Pvt. Ltd.

Hogwarts School of Drones is a cutting-edge agricultural technology company with a strong focus on integrating...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Antriksh Rajawat, Mr. Mukul Rajawat

Domain: - Drones Manufacturing

Website: -

Influish Private Limited

Influish Private Limited

"Influish is an app that lets Influencers & Brands connect directly. With the help of this platform, brands ca...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Sankalp Nag, Ms. Shivani Rajora, Mr. Tushar Jain

Domain: - Connecting Brands & Influencers/Creators

Website: -

Jaipur Club Foot

Jaipur Club Foot Private Limited

An Innovative device development for Clubfoot (CTEV) treatment in newborns based on Ponseti technique having m...

Promoter Name: - Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Ms. Sushila Mali

Domain: - Frugal & Disruptive Product / Process Development

Jouls Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.

Jouls Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.

Our business is focused on Eco smart technology innovation & manufactruing. We are building efficient & optimi...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Aman Goyal

Domain: - EV Charger

Website: -



Legal EZE are on a mission to revolutionize the legal industry by harnessing the power of technology to make l...

Promoter Name: - Ms. Dhanushree P , Mr. Lalit Kumar Yadav

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: -

Medhini Oryktos

Medhini Oryktos

Medhini Oryktos are working in the sector of mines & minerals sector which are in abundance in Rajasthan State...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Sohil Mood Mr. Piyush Agarwal Mr. Ashok Shekhawat

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Mr Auber

Altruistic Arms Hotels And Restaurants Pvt Ltd

Mr Auber was started in the year 2018 with an aspiration to merge technology with the hospitality industry and...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Richie Mathur, Mrs. Deepika Mathur

Domain: - Hospatility

Website: -

Mystic AI

Mystic AI

We are targeting affordable AI based IOT devices with more accuraet analytics for grasss root aports. We'll d...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Vikram Sharma

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: -


Oceanlux ccu Technolgies Pvt. Ltd.

Oceanlux's is a revolutionary in battling against climate change, carbon emissions, and marine ecosystem deter...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Gaurav Raghave, Mr. Deep Prakash Singh

Domain: - Clean Technolgy & Sustainable Development

Website: - Oceanlux.in

Partners Choice Bevrages Pvt Ltd

Partners Choice Bevrages Pvt Ltd

They have launched Avyalik a brand that offers pocket friendly alkaline water bottles to help people maintain ...

Promoter Name: - Yashwant Saini, Jatin Agarwal

Domain: - Product Development

Website: -


Playwise Esports Pvt Ltd

Playwise is an initial stage startup opened its door in early 2020 with an aim to provide platform to underdog...

Promoter Name: - Sunny Paliwal & Shrutidhar

Domain: - Esports / Gaming

Website: - www.playwise.gg

Pocket Grocer

Pocket Grocer

Promoter Name: - Mr. Joy Raval, Mr. A. V. Raval

Domain: - FMCG

Website: -


Polysol Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

In India many of patients frequently search for doctors, clinic and hospitals and also doctor, clinic and hosp...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Kumar Shashi Shekhar

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: - www.medihospito.com

Recottage Pvt. Ltd.

Recottage Pvt. Ltd.

"We provide accommodation facilities to those students who move from their home cities to other for higher stu...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Manish Keshri

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: -

Setmycoach Services Pvt. Ltd.

Setmycoach Services Pvt. Ltd.

Providing Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches

Promoter Name: - Mr. Anirvan Chakravarty, Mrs. Swarvali Chakravarty

Domain: - Training and Development

Skillon Tech Private Limited

Skillon Tech Private Limited

SkillOn Tech provides upskilling of engineering students and professionals by our specialised training modules...

Promoter Name: - Deepak Jain

Domain: - Industrial consulting and training

Svaarogym Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Svaarogym Medical Devices

The objective of the company is to develop noninvaseive solutions for chronicls disease such as diabets, cance...

Promoter Name: - Dr. Amit Mahesh Joshi, Ms. Uarvashi Joshi

Domain: - Health Care Services

Website: -



"Tinkershala: Empowering students through innovation in education. Services: 1. Makerspace Workshops, STEM S...

Promoter Name: - Mr. tarun Kumar Mudgal, Vasudev Mudgal

Domain: - Service Aggregator

Website: -

Tsebo Pvt. Ltd.

Tsebo Pvt. Ltd.

Dunesart is your gateway to a world where creativity meets elegance. Explore our collection of mesmerizing Kin...

Promoter Name: - Dr. Kapil Pareek , Dr. Tarun Kumar Sharma , Ms. Surbhi

Domain: - Product Development

V-KAS Innovation and Technologies Pvt Ltd

V-KAS Innovation and Technologies Pvt Ltd

V-KAS innovation are manufacturing a evaporative air conditionor with the energy efficiency of air coolers, th...

Promoter Name: - Vijay Kumar Jangid

Domain: - Product Development

Website: -



Develop AI guided navigation enabled patient app to help patients preplan his appointment schedules and check ...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Vikash Kumar Rustagi

Domain: - Healthcare

Website: - www.valuekare.in

Aha 3D Innovation

Aha 3D Innovation Private Limited

They provide a reusable face mask with replacable filters.

Promoter Name: - Aakash

Domain: - Health Care Services

Website: - www.aha3d.in

ANM Cube

ANM CUBE Private Limited

An AI-based online training cum employment platform that enables the employers to get easy access to the pre-t...

Promoter Name: - Parag Arora, Gagan Nigam

Domain: - Education Technology

Website: - www.anmcube.com



Appraisal health care service provides all health care solutions on a single platform. APPRAISAL provides pati...

Promoter Name: - Ashish Pandey

Domain: - Medical Emergency and post care solutions

Website: -

Audiobook Converter

Doctunes Audiotech Pvt. Ltd.

Audiobook Converter converts PDF and Image ( including your handwritten image) to Audiobook in your selected ...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Dewanng Bhardwaj

Domain: - ICT Solutaion



They are working for ‘automation of greens’ and for developing business in horticulture, agriculture and e...

Promoter Name: - Divya Garg, Krati Garg

Domain: - Agree-Tech

Website: - www.autogreen.in

Balhar Consultants India

Balhar Consultants India Private Limited

Work as Technical Consultants in the field of Planning, Architecture and Urban areas. They deal with Technical...

Promoter Name: - Ravinder, Resham

Domain: - Architectural Designing

Website: -

Bask Research Foundation

Bask Research Foundation

BASK RESEARCH FOUNDATION is a multi-stakeholder knowledge and action platform designed to foster collaboratio...

Promoter Name: - Simran Grover, Anshuman Gothwal

Domain: - Research Foundation

Bionika And Intelligence Lab

Bionika And Intelligence Lab Private Limited

Bionika and Intelligence Lab deals with the challenge of artificial Intelligence based prosthetics limbs and r...

Promoter Name: - Sidharth Pancholi

Domain: - Prosthetic

Website: -

Bodhi AI

Bodhi AI

BodhiAI platform provides personal assistance to every teacher and student which will evolve with them each da...

Promoter Name: - Prashant Pandey, Gaurav Sanger

Domain: - Customized education solutions

Website: - www.bodhiai.co.in

Brain Stem

Brain Stem

Scientific and rational guidance helping users to discover and pursue new and exciting careers, by matching us...

Promoter Name: - Naman Mutha, Anirudh Sharma

Domain: - Psychometric testing

Website: -


Carlean Private Limited

They provide alternate day waterless car cleaning service at the doorstep

Promoter Name: - Vaibhav Trehan, Pulkit

Domain: - Service Sector & Aggregator

Website: - www.carclean.com

Clin MD

Clin MD

ClinMD is a medical informatics company. It promotes the idea of one patient One Record. Every time a doctor s...

Promoter Name: - Saurav Choraria, Jayant Gosar

Domain: - Medical data management

Website: -



Cybertron connects banks via block-chain technology to settle cross border payments in real time with transpar...

Promoter Name: - Aaditya Janu

Domain: - Blockchain

Website: -


DaiMaa Healthcare Services Private Limited

Daimaa is a platform Initiated to take care of the health of infant with mother, form very start after deliver...

Promoter Name: - Nirmal Parihar, Mohan Choudhary

Domain: - Baby and Mother Care services

Website: - www.daimaa.in

Design Ecobuilds

Design Ecobuilds Private Limited

Work with an intent to reduce the dumping of plastics in the environment to save the planet. Creating affordab...

Promoter Name: - Prateek Bhains, Ajyank Singh

Domain: - Eco-friendly Infrastructure

Website: -


Diode Private Limited

"They aim to revolutionize the design and manufacturing process through the advanced 3D printing technology. ...

Promoter Name: - Pratush Soni, Manish Bishnoi

Domain: - Graphic Designing Services and Animations

Website: -



Divyamrit are on the mission to make humans healthier. It is health parameters driven juice/food hyper local d...

Promoter Name: - Deevesh Kumar Sharma

Domain: - Food processing

Website: -

Dream Oak

Dream Oak Private Limited

Subjectmate is an online education platform powered by artificial intelligence. It helpsunderstudies all throu...

Promoter Name: - Hemendra Vaishnava

Domain: - Online Tutorials



ECOWRAP is a solid waste management startup. It offers a decentralized, reliable, transparent, digitized and p...

Promoter Name: - Angraj Swami

Domain: - Waste management solutions

Website: - www.ecowrap.in


Amigos IT Services Pvt ltd

One stop solution for modern day woman tailoring needs. We aim at providing hassle free and enjoyable tailorin...

Promoter Name: - Ankit Jain

Domain: - Tailoring

Website: - www.mastikhor.com

Evergreen Cube

Evergreen Cube Private Limited

Glads provide high quality laundry services to clients. Helping people with their busy schedule and providing ...

Promoter Name: - Anant Jain

Domain: - Laundry Services

Website: -


ExamKul Pro Learning Private Limited

Examkul offers a set of examinations with a test management system. It consists of a brew of online and offlin...

Promoter Name: - Vinay Kamal Sharma, Priya Soni

Domain: - Education Technology

Website: - www.examkul.com

Feel Educare

Feel Educare Private Limited

It is a school search engine company. Students can get admission in the best school of their locality. It has ...

Promoter Name: - Yash Tanwar

Domain: - Platform for Educational Institutes

Website: - www.feeleducare.com


Fellacarz Private Limited

Providing self driven car rental service. Changing the way of renting a car and making mobility accessible, af...

Promoter Name: - Abheeshek Sinha

Domain: - Self-Driven Car services

Website: - www.fellacarz.com

Founder InfoTech

Founder InfoTech Private Limited

They are focused on leveraging Technology in Education, which will act as an Enabler for Students to Learn, Pr...

Promoter Name: - Saurabh Bansal, Deepak Ameta

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: -

Fraxus Solutions

Fraxus Solutions Private Limited

FRAXUS specializes in miniature design and 3D printing. Its innovation lies in the company and technologica...

Promoter Name: - Akash Bansal, Dhruv Mangal

Domain: - 3D printing and modelling

Website: - www.fraxus3d.com

Frolic HealthTech

Frolic HealthTech Private Limited

Frolic HealthTech is a Sports, Health and Tech integrated company, we can say we are using technology to not o...

Promoter Name: - Diwakar Srivastava, Lav Ishan

Domain: - Health Care, Fitness & Sports

Website: - www.frolicindia.com

Garud Survey

Garud Survey Private Limited

A Drone Survey Company working in the field of Mining, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Solar, etc. Drone Survey e...

Promoter Name: - Vishal Modi, Gajendra Singh Rathore

Domain: - Infrastructure & Mining

Website: - www.garudsurvey.com

Gratitude Farms

Gratitude Farms Pvt. Ltd

Gratitude Farms Private Limited is an Agri-tech start-up, based out of Pondicherry, that specializes in organi...

Promoter Name: - Ayushi Sharma: Co-Founder and Director

Domain: - Organic farming and aquaponics

Hackproof technologies

Hackproof technologies India Private Limited

Help in businesses secure their applications by providing high quality penetration testing. Secure companies o...

Promoter Name: - Aditya Janu

Domain: - Cyber Security

Website: - www.sunwebcare.com

Half Array Communications

Half Array Communications Private Limited

Half Array is a new generation digital marketing and branding company. We are a team of designers, thinkers an...

Promoter Name: - Somansh Gaur

Domain: - Website providers aggregators

Website: -

Hi Buddy

Hi Buddy

Hi Buddy is advertising cum manufacturing company started in 2016. JW tend to supply a new product to their co...

Promoter Name: - Sadu Pradeep Teja, Kumar Nishant Gupta

Domain: - Innovative Marketing

Website: -


Edu Angels India Private Limited

HireTale.com is a 6-year-old IT specialist and premium job hiring solution firm. We have over 2 Lakhs register...

Promoter Name: - Mr. Vivek Jain

Domain: - Hiring and Recruitments

Website: - www.hiretale.com

Hiring Clouds

Hiring Clouds

Creating a curated platform where employers can tap into a crowd of certified and highly experienced "Rec...

Promoter Name: - Vikalp Sharma

Domain: - Hiring & Recruitments

HIYASA: The Healing Space


Hiyasa, the healing space, is a merger of Online and Offline space to relax, rejuvenate, refresh, revive an...

Promoter Name: - Ms. Anuja A Kumar, Ms. Astha Sharma, Ms. Shivangi Dadhich

Domain: - Health and Wellness

Website: -

Homi Market

Homi Market Private Limited

Homi Market builds a bridge (online platform) between the local market and the local consumer and bringing a f...

Promoter Name: - Suraj Kumar Yadav, Sourav K Shah,Ashutosh Chauhan.

Domain: - Online Market Place

Website: -


HOUZPARTY Services Private Limited

HOUZPARTY will be an Online platform where Customers can plan their house Party & make all necessary arrangeme...

Promoter Name: - Anshul Jain, Manisha Kateja

Domain: - Party Events Entertainment

Website: - www.houzparty.com


IBNHEFT Private Limited

To transform the tourism industry with the new concept of Theme-Based vacation rental, team ibnheft involves t...

Promoter Name: - Harshendra Pal Singh

Domain: - Travel & Tourism

Website: -



IDCLE Start up provides IT services to various companies based on the specific requirements in terms of Produc...

Promoter Name: - Prateek Kedia

Domain: - Customized ERP Solutions for SME’s

Website: - www.idcletech.com

Indibuds India

Indibuds India Private Limited

Indi buds promote exotic plant species in the country & to conserve pottery art forms like blue pottery, terra...

Promoter Name: - Abhishek Jain

Domain: - Agro-Tech

Website: -

IndiGreenz Innovations

IndiGreenz Innovations Private Limited

To revive & propagate ancient & contemporary traditions of crafts and other artisanal skills and to create cul...

Promoter Name: - Rajkumar Jani, Ratna Singh

Domain: - Eco-friendly Textile

Website: -

Infinite Power

Infinite Power

Project idea is to have a zero point self-infinity power inverter which can run on 12 to 24 volt.

Promoter Name: - Prerak Soni

Domain: - Energy Efficiency

Website: -

Katori Fresh

Katori Fresh Private Limited

They provide rural gourmet fresh-n-pure food from the farms for urban consumers. Katori Fresh is a gourmet pro...

Promoter Name: - Ashish Gupta,Rajkumar Jani, Sanjay Kumar

Domain: - Agro-Tech

KB Devices

KB Devices Private Limited

Building a painless, cost-effective and self-improving device for Bilirubin or neonatal jaundice measurements....

Promoter Name: - Sudhanshu Gupta, Liza Gupta

Domain: - Neonatal Medical Device Company

Website: -

Kenzai Care

Kenzai Care Private Limited

FreeCare is a platform for affordable, inclusive, convenient healthcare services & it provides marketing solut...

Promoter Name: - Sohil Moond, Ashok Singh

Domain: - Healthcare Services

Website: - www.freecare.in



Krooozer is an initiative to create smart apparels for smart riders creating an intelligent and smart city net...

Promoter Name: - Reetesh Kocheta

Domain: - Innovative product for two wheeler riders

Website: - www.kroozer.co

LensAlive Productions

LensAlive Productions Private Limited

The only digital platform that offers the best tailor-made / customized modules of online coaching for the pre...

Promoter Name: - Gaurav Sharma, Sumit Gupta

Domain: - Platform for Educational Institutes

Website: - www.cncdreambox.com



A Legaltech Startup with the aim to provide a robust online platform connecting lawyers and clients on a click...

Promoter Name: - Arvind Singh, Dharmender Sharma

Domain: - Law Advisory Services

Website: - www.lexcarts.com

M-Two Multi Communication

M-Two Multi Communication Private Limited

Provides an hourly basis driver service at customer doorstep within 1 hour. They provide police verified and c...

Promoter Name: - Mohit Goyal

Domain: - Online Platform & Aggregators

Website: - www.drivers24.in


Marktine Technology Solutions Private Limited.

Offer innovative, agile and adaptive solutions across business verticals and disciplines including marketing t...

Promoter Name: - Alok Sharma, Manish Namdev

Domain: - Marketing Solutions

Website: - www.marktine.com



Marktine has offered innovative, agile and adaptive solutions across business verticals and disciplines includ...

Promoter Name: - Alak Sharma., Manish Namdev

Domain: - Marketing Solutions for startups

Website: - www.marktine.com

Mesmeric Technologies

Mesmeric Technologies Private Limited

Mesmeric Technologies has developed a next generation Author Tool which allows developers of learning and trai...

Promoter Name: - Sandeep Sharma

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: - www.mesmeric.xyz

Metal 26

Metal 26

Heavy infrastructure equipment and machine aggregator. It operates on the concept of equipment on right time, ...

Promoter Name: - Brajesh Sharma, Shrey Jain

Domain: - Heavy Equipment Rental Solutions

Website: -

Morol Refinery

Morol Refinery Private Limited

Morol Refinery scientists and engineers are pioneering new research and pursuing new technologies to reduce ...

Promoter Name: - Peeyush Poddar

Domain: - Bio diesel manufacturing

Mystic Brains

Mystic Brains Private Limited

Provides services to all age groups especially the  youth for identifying inherent capabilities and works wit...

Promoter Name: - Vikram Sharma, Manisha Sharma

Domain: - Skill Development

Website: - www.mysticbrains.in

New Parenting Child Care

New Parenting Child Care

New Parenting Child Care, are India’s First 24 * 7, SOS enabled enrollments crèche and use scientific meth...

Promoter Name: - Priyanka, Nishit

Domain: - Child care services and Employment continuity services

Nuskha Kitchen

Nuskha Kitchen Private Limited

It is an artisanal ayurvedic kitchen which specializes in maternity medicinal edibles. Provides 50 days course...

Promoter Name: - Viral Tiwari, Alpana Tiwari

Domain: - Herbal Health Care



Naukri-Wale.Com (Famous as NWCJOBS) among the top 5 emerging HR Tech Startup (Report : Sept Tracxn 2016) is a ...

Promoter Name: - Nitin Sagar

Domain: - Job solutions for blue collared workers and lower level employees

Website: -

Om Sarvam-I Systems

Om Sarvam-I Systems Private Limited.

They are into the Business of providing Intelligent & Innovative Solutions for Personal & Professional Dimensi...

Promoter Name: - Amit Sharma, Digvijay Pandey

Domain: - AI And Healthcare

Online Homes

Online Homes

Online Homes is an online platform which provides paying - guest houses and hostels to students and employees ...

Promoter Name: - Mohit Sharma

Domain: - Rental Solutions

Website: -

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device for home oxygen therapy and outdoor for patients or anyone if the reco...

Promoter Name: - Davinder Singh Bhola

Domain: - Healthcare Services

Website: -

Pasta Cucina

Pasta Cucina

Pasta Cucina is building a chain of fast casual restaurants that serves pasta exclusively with expertise. It d...

Promoter Name: - Rachith Goel, Shorya Bairathi

Domain: - Different types of pasta provider

Website: -

Planet Call Technologies (Greenhertz Dynamics)

Planet Call Technologies (Greenhertz Dynamics)

Planet Call Technologies conceives develops and manufactures products to solve the most pressing problems pers...

Promoter Name: - Abhishek Saxena, Manoj Kr. Sharma

Domain: - Energy Efficient Solutions

Website: -

Polysol Infotech

Polysol Infotech Private Limited.

They provide digital marketing solutions to the various growing business sectors. They Launched web applicatio...

Promoter Name: - Kumar Shashi Shekhar

Domain: - Digital Marketing



Design, manufacture, sale, research & development and 3D-IT related services.

Promoter Name: - Pranjal Katara

Domain: - Customized manufacturing using 3D modelling

Website: -

Punto Corporation

Punto Corporation Private Limited

They Provide Purifier Electrict Device which remove all hazards associated with electricity.

Promoter Name: - Dhram Raj Bothra

Domain: - Electrical Solution

Raksh Products

Raksh Products Private Limited

Working in the medical domain, their focus is on making equipment for Safe and Affordable Mobility or Transpor...

Promoter Name: - Rahul Tak

Domain: - Health & Care

Website: -

Reflex Charger

Reflex Charger

Reflex Charger technology is an inductor less converter which facilitates fast charging and battery life exten...

Promoter Name: - Kartik Bairwa, Abhishek Jain

Domain: - Energy efficiency

Website: -



They are developing an AI and ML powered technology coupled with Block chain to create the first ever Personal...

Promoter Name: - Arpit Poddar,Himanshu Sharma

Domain: - Gaming Tutorials

Website: -

Rentstore Bookbuggs

Rentstore Bookbuggs

www.BookBuggs.com is set with the vision of organizing and redeveloping the second hand course books section. ...

Promoter Name: - Shivendra Pratap, Ajay Kumar

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: - www.bookbuggs.com


Rhomu develops and manufactures new scientific instruments to cater to the needs of the density and viscosity ...

Promoter Name: - Jeyavishnu K

Domain: - Technology Product Development

Website: -

Right Physio

Perlak Healthcare Services Private Limited

It is an independent Physiotherapy company specializing in providing expert home care physiotherapy services t...

Promoter Name: - Pankaj Jain, Devendra Panchal

Domain: - Health Care Services

Website: - www.rightphysio.com

Rishi Agastya Technologies

Rishi Agastya Technologies Private Limited

It is a Research & Development company working in the Electrical and renewable energy sector. It works in gree...

Promoter Name: - Jitesh Trivedi, Kirti Mathuria

Domain: - Environment and Petroleum

Website: - www.eagastya.com


Risovation Private Limited

Risovation helps Startups and Business to get the best business Resources through IT. Risovation is into brand...

Promoter Name: - Abhishek Yadav

Domain: - Startup Support Provider

Website: - www.risovation.com

Robert Davies Associates

Robert Davies Associates Private Limited

They address education issues concerned with system, students, teachers, educational institutes and agro-entre...

Promoter Name: - Snigdha Sharma

Domain: - Education Consultancy

Website: -



A travel starts up which makes it easy for students to travel by organizing budget trips and guiding a platfor...

Promoter Name: - Siddhant Batra

Domain: - Travel Solutions

Sarthi – The Social Enterprise

Sarthi – The Social Enterprise

Offer innovative Social Impact services in the domain of Health and Nutrition. SPC is a socially sensitive, et...

Promoter Name: - Dr. M.K. Agarwal

Domain: - Process Innovation

Website: -

Search Career Services

Search Career Services

Provides Recruitment Solutions, 3rd party pay roll & corporate trainings. coming up, with app based job postin...

Promoter Name: - Praveen Kapoor

Domain: - Hiring and Recruitments

Website: -

Single Stop Building Solutions

Single Stop Building Solutions Private Limited

Single stop is a unique platform which provides one stop building solutions through Tech-enabled engagement Pl...

Promoter Name: - Neeraj Singhal, Lokesh Singhal

Domain: - Construction Management Consultant

Website: - singlestop.co.in

Social Carrito

Social Carrito Pvt Ltd

Social Carrito!! A passionate brand that has the ultimate capacity to transform your market reach smoothly th...

Promoter Name: - Lavisha Mehta, Yashwant Saini

Domain: - Digital Marketing

Website: -



Strado provides best deals depending on different purposes to Eat, Drink, Party, and Hangout; Listen to Good M...

Promoter Name: - Siddhartha Shah, Abhishek Parashar

Domain: - High End Food Solutions

Website: -

Talking Sensor

Talking Sensor Private Limited

Company delivers a product that collects data from any place or a device and sends it to the cloud for taking ...

Promoter Name: - Ayush Khandelwal

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: -

Tech Hyaku

Hyaku Innovations Private Limited

Hyaku Innovations uses IOT and Machine Learning Technology in smart home automation and industrial automation ...

Promoter Name: - Amit Mehra

Domain: - Intelligent Home Automation

Website: - www.techhyaku.com



A food heaven for the health conscious Indians. Healthy meals as per customer’s convenient time and place.

Promoter Name: - Aaditya Panchariya

Domain: - Health solutions

Website: - www.tgih.in

Thetwenty Eight Gaba's Private Limited

Thetwenty Eight Gaba's Private Limited (THE28)

The28 (The Twenty Eight) is a fashion brand with futuristic fashion sense and working hard in order to fulfill...

Promoter Name: - Vivek Sharma and Dhiren Sharma

Domain: - Apparel Industry


Tishitu Technology And Research Private Limited

"Tishitu is led by Tarun Shrivastava, It has come up with a novel idea of developing a water ionizer machine ...

Promoter Name: - Tarun Shrivastava, Nupur Shrivastava

Domain: - Alkaline water providers

Website: - www.tishitu.net

Uforangers Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Uforangers Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

"A digital product that will be seen as a one stop platform for everything related to adventure, and, for that...

Promoter Name: - Rahul Bairwa

Domain: - Adventure Tourism

Website: -

Vidhyarthi Darpan

Vidhyarthi Darpan Private Limited

Vidhyarthidarpan.com provides a highly interactive platform for various kinds of educational activities. Vidhy...

Promoter Name: - Sharad Sharma

Domain: - Platform for Education Institutes

Vincenzo Solutions

Vincenzo Solutions Private Limited

Vincenzo perform research and experimental development of composite materials. Their primary motive is to util...

Promoter Name: - Ankush Sharma, Mahavir Choudhary

Domain: - Composites

Xtrmetech Solutions

Xtrmetech Solutions

Promoter Name: - Mr. Pratik Khadloya , ms. Vinti Maheshwari

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: -



They work on Robotics, Home Automation and IT services. Have developed a website builder for personal website ...

Promoter Name: - Jay Lakhotiya

Domain: - Robotics & Home Automation

Website: - www.yantravat.com

Zero Gravity Aerosystems

Zero Gravity Aerosystems Private Limited

They are in to manufacturing of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) commonly known as drones. They have acquired ex...

Promoter Name: - Antriksh Rajawat

Domain: - Drones manufacturing