Mr. Paresh Gupta

Mr. Rohit Pradhan

Mrs. Sruti Gupta

Faculty mentors here are associated with departments and research centers of MNIT, Jaipur who are actively involved with the start-ups and regularly interact with them to provide mentoring support.

Specific issues pertaining to start-up’s product and services are addressed in detail by our mentors and provide apt solutions. Information of Intellectual property rights is also given to the startups to prevent the misuse of their product/services.

Faculty Mentors

# Name Department Area of Work
1 Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Electronics and Communication Engineering Quantum Computing, Block-chain Technology/Management, Optical/photonic Medical Sensing Technologies
2 Dr. Pilli Emmanuel Shubhakar Computer Science and Engineering Anything on Security and Forensics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Data Lakes, Internet of Things, Blockchain,
3 Dr. Ravindra Nagar Civil Engineering Production of concrete utilizing stone waste, Manufacturing of blocks, bricks, pavers, tiles using stone waste
4 Dr. Vijaylaxmi Gaur Computer Science and Engineering Information Security, Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing tools, Reverse engineering and forensics tool development, ICT adaptation for other disciplines.
5 Prof. Himanshu Chaudhary Mechanical Engineering Dynamic and balancing of Mechanical Systems. Design and development of agricultural machinery. Human Biomechanics-Prosthetics and Orthotics Rehabilitation robotics
6 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Mechanical Engineering Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Mechatronics & CNC, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), Product Development including orthosis / prosthesis, CAD/CAM/CAE, Sustainable Manufacturing in Stone Processing, Composite & Ceramic Materials.
7 Dr Vivekanand Centre for Energy and Environment Waste and biomass valorisation to energy and products, tailored composting, solid waste management and treatment, bioenergy/biogas generation.
8 Dr. M. Ravi Kumar Electronics and Communication Engineering Optical communication, Opto electronic devices, Digital electronic circuits, Circuit theory, Daylighting
9 Dr. Rohit Bhakar Centre for Energy and Environment/ Electrical Engineering Power Sector, Electricity Markets, Business Model Development, Game Theoretic approaches.
10 Dr. Arun Kumar Electrical Engineering E- Vehicle and Smart Green
11 Dr. Sumit Khandelwal Civil Engineering Concrete and Steel Structural Design; Estimation and costing of building works; Design of drainage system

Mr. Amit Choudhary

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Mr. Rajneesh Bhandari

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Dr. Hemang Shah

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Mr. Prakash Balasubramanian

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