We at STRADO create Offers to get you the Best Deals depending on different purposes to Eat, Drink, Party, Hangout, Listen to Good Music, Watch Live Cricket and Football, Go on a Date, Lunch or Dinner.

At STRADO, We’re set out to redefine the way youngsters spend their leisure time by offering them alternate experiences in Nightlife and Gourmet Food that are far more enjoyable than the timeworn and unexciting habit of heading to Quick Service Food Restaurants and Movie Theaters for respites. . We go all out when it comes to making your every second memorable and to do just that, We bring you the Coolest Offers at the most sought after Hangout and Dining Spots in the city. p.s We ensure they’re easy on your pocket as well.

We wish and yearn to swap your commonplace habits like Eating out and Treating your Friends at Boring Restaurants, Going for those much awaited Drinking Sprees at Dull, “Not Happening” Spots and Ordering Food from Inconsistent Food Joints with habits like Hanging Out at Lounges and Pubs, Partying Hard till Late Night at Discs, Eating Out at Super Specialty Dine-In Restaurants, Attending EDM Nights, Pool Parties and Live Match Screenings at the Most Buzzing Spots in Town.

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