Business Development support


Virtual Incubation, a concept of incubation is also practiced by MIIC, MNIT Jaipur to promote entrepreneurship. MMIIC is willing to consider incubation applications from MNIT Jaipur alumni and other techno-preneurs to open their company for virtual incubation at MIIC. It is an opportunity for them to use MIIC, as a platform for developing innovative business products without being physically present at MIIC. These activities will be coordinated and managed by faculty mentor/s. The start-up company becomes the ‘Virtual Incubatee’ of MIIC. The institute shall offer the usual business and management support needed to incubate the start-ups on pay per use basis. Even a physical incubatee through this scheme can continue as virtual incubatee, after Normal Exit from the MIIC. The virtual incubatee utilizes the intellectual resources of MIIC. The registration fee for virtual incubates is as same as that for physical incubatees.