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Ed Cell organized the "Startup Stumper" an entrepreneurial quiz at MIIC on November 4, 2023, during Sphinx, 2023. This engaging competition featured three challenging rounds. The first round, known as "Mentiquiz," comprised 20 thought-provoking questions. Following that, the second round, "Rapid Fire," put participants to the test with 25 questions and a tight 2-minute time limit. Only the teams that demonstrated their prowess by correctly answering the most questions advanced to the next stage. In the final round, contestants engaged in an intense buzzer battle. Initially, 13 teams entered the competition in the first round, but the field was narrowed down to 8 teams in the second round, and ultimately, the grand showdown featured 4 exceptional teams. The event boasted a generous prize pool of 5,000 rupees from MNIT Innovation and Incubation Centre, offering further motivation for participants. As a bonus, attendees got a networking opportunity during refreshments, enhancing the overall experience.