Talking Sensor

Talking Sensor Private Limited

Company delivers a product that collects data from any place or a device and sends it to the cloud for taking a desirable action based on analyzing and visualizing the data.

Promoter Name: - Ayush Khandelwal

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: -

Rishi Agastya Technologies

Rishi Agastya Technologies Private Limited

It is a Research & Development company working in the Electrical and renewable energy sector. It works in green and sustainable technology for providing a green era with the basic energy solutions to the market and for society as a whole. 

Promoter Name: - Jitesh Trivedi, Kirti Mathuria

Domain: - Environment and Petroleum

Website: -


HOUZPARTY Services Private Limited

HOUZPARTY will be an Online platform where Customers can plan their house Party & make all necessary arrangements with best of the HP Standard listed services from Professional Service Providers in Town like : Order Fresh-Hot Piping Food Served till your party lasts, Engagement for Party Lovers Karaoke, Music Systems, Games, Artists etc. Affordable Theme /Decoration All days & Occasions

Promoter Name: - Anshul Jain, Manisha Kateja

Domain: - Party Events Entertainment

Website: -

Aha 3D Innovation

Aha 3D Innovation Private Limited

They provide a reusable face mask with replacable filters.

Promoter Name: - Aakash

Domain: - Health Care Services

Website: -

Punto Corporation

Punto Corporation Private Limited

They Provide Purifier Electrict Device which remove all hazards associated with electricity.

Promoter Name: - Dhram Raj Bothra

Domain: - Electrical Solution

Website: -


Carlean Private Limited

They provide alternate day waterless car cleaning service at the doorstep

Promoter Name: - Vaibhav Trehan

Domain: - Service Sector & Aggregator

Website: -

Garud Survey

Garud Survey Private Limited

A Drone Survey Company working in the field of Mining, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Solar, etc. Drone Survey enables better decision with high resolution aerial data with access to hard-to-reach locations that would otherwise take more time and money by using conventional methods

Promoter Name: - Vishal Modi

Domain: - Infrastructure & Mining

Website: -

Feel Educare

Feel Educare Private Limited

It is a school search engine company. Students can get admission in the best school of their locality. It has various facilities on a real time basis which increases the capability, productivity & efficiency of the schools.

Promoter Name: - Yash Tanwar

Domain: - Platform for Educational Institutes

Website: -

Nuskha Kitchen

Nuskha Kitchen Private Limited

It is an artisanal ayurvedic kitchen which specializes in maternity medicinal edibles. Provides 50 days course for new mothers which helps in rejuvenation and revitalization of the body and its regular functions post gestation.

Promoter Name: - Viral Tiwari

Domain: - Herbal Health Care

Website: -

Right Physio

Perlak Healthcare Services Private Limited

It is an independent Physiotherapy company specializing in providing expert home care physiotherapy services to private individuals, in their own homes, care homes or workplace.

Promoter Name: - Pankaj Jain

Domain: - Health Care Services

Website: -

M-Two Multi Communication

M-Two Multi Communication Private Limited

Provides an hourly basis driver service at customer doorstep within 1 hour. They provide police verified and certified drivers & also provide car washing, detailing and car paid service at your doorstep.

Promoter Name: - Mohit Goyal

Domain: - Online Platform & Aggregators

Website: -



They work on Robotics, Home Automation and IT services. Have developed a website builder for personal website and develop custom projects with all IT Services. 

Promoter Name: - Jay Lakhotiya

Domain: - Robotics & Home Automation

Website: -


IBNHEFT Private Limited

To transform the tourism industry with the new concept of Theme-Based vacation rental, team ibnheft involves the local community to be part of the venture and provide spaces for the tourist to come and stay with them and change their property to some exceptional theme. Team ibnheft is inspired by travelers who want to explore more and travel less that's why to get its name from traveler "ibn battuta" as "ibn" and "heft" means the Home experience for travelers.

Promoter Name: - Harshendra Pal Singh

Domain: - Travel & Tourism

Website: -

Subnwebcare Hackproof technologies

Subnwebcare Hackproof technologies India Private Limited

We Help in businesses to secure their applications by providing high quality penetration testing. We secure companies online infrastructure by finding out security vulnerabilities in your systems and help fix them.We have secured Mastercard,Symantec, Dell,Transferwise,Hubspot,Skyscanner and many more.

Promoter Name: - Aditya Janu

Domain: - Cyber Security

Website: -

Raksh Products

Raksh Products Pvt. Ltd.

Making tools for Safe & Affordable Mobility or Transportation

Promoter Name: - Rahul Tak

Domain: - Health & Care

Website: -

Design Ecobuilds

Design Ecobuilds Pvt. Ltd.

DESIGN ECOBUILDS with the intent to reduce the dumping of plastics in the environment to save the planet, creating affordable structural materials from the plastic waste and thus creating a better tomorrow for the generations to come.  Using plastic waste materials, we are able to turn plastics into high performance materials in the form of Paver blocks or Inter Locking Tiles

Promoter Name: - Prateek Bhains, Ajyank Singh

Domain: - Eco-friendly Infrastructure

Website: -

Mystic Brains

Mystic Brains Pvt. Ltd.

Mystic Brains, provide our services for all age groups especially youth so that they can identify their inherit capabilities and we together work to achieve the set goals through mentorship program, Counseling, DMIT(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), EBP(Energy Band Photography), Motivational Sessions, Skill Development Workshops, Corporate Trainings and many more.

Promoter Name: - Vikram Sharma, Manisha Sharma

Domain: - Skill Development

Website: -

Vincenzo Solutions

Vincenzo Solutions Private Limited

Vincenzo perform research and experimental development of composite materials. Their primary motive is to utilize the innovative technology in designing to develop environment friendly and commercially viable products.

Promoter Name: - Ankush Sharma, Mahavir Choudhary

Domain: - Composites

Website: -

DaiMa Mother New Born Child Care

DaiMa Mother New Born Child Care Pvt. Ltd.

Daimaa is a platform Initiated to take care of the health of infant with mother, form very start after delivery; we provide all the required and Desirable services to take care of baby and Mother in order to maintain good Health and growth.

Promoter Name: - Nirmal Parihar

Domain: - Baby and Mother Care services

Website: -

Homi Market

Homi Market Pvt. Ltd.

Homi Market builds a bridge (online platform) between the local market and the local consumer and bringing a faster delivery system within hours.

Promoter Name: - Suraj Kumar Yadav

Domain: - Online Market Place

Website: -


Fellacarz Private Limited

We are providing self drive car rental service, changing the way to rent a car by making mobility accessible, affordable and convenient for all.

Promoter Name: - Abheeshek Sinha

Domain: - Self-Driven Car services

Website: -

KB Devices

KB Devices Private Limited

KB Devices is building a painless, cost-effective and self-improving device for Bilirubin or neonatal jaundice measurements. This novel device reduces needle pricks and provides regular and precise data collection for millions of babies who are diagnosed with physiological neonatal jaundice.

Promoter Name: - Sudhanshu Gupta

Domain: - Neonatal Medical Device Company

Website: -

Balhar Consultants India

Balhar Consultants India Private Limited

Balhar Consultants India Pvt. Ltd is a Startup and a company which is working in the field of technical Consultancy in the field of Planning, Architecture and urban areas in the state. We have experience in the field of Planning, Architecture and urban areas. We are providing planning services in Urban local bodies for their need and requirement like Survey, Planning and execution work. We are dealing with the two verticals- Technical Consultancy for Design, Estimation and execution of Civil/Construction projects & Waste Management and processing of Solid Waste Management collected at municipal level.

Promoter Name: - Ravinder, Resham

Domain: - Architectural Designing

Website: -


Risovation Private Limited

We Love to help Startups and Business to get best business Resources through IT. Risovation provides tech consultancy and Services for various Firms. Rise of Innovation is into brand Building, Tech Services and other Business Development programs by Innovation and Creativity.

Promoter Name: - Abhishek Yadav

Domain: - Startup Support Provider

Website: -

Mesmeric Technologies

Mesmeric Technologies Private Limited

Mesmeric Technologies has developed a next generation Author Tool which allows developers of learning and training content to more rapidly, easily and effectively develop training resources for IT applications. The Mesmeric tool allows the user to scan and record any application on a PC or web platform and re-create the application in a guided simulation environment where the user can be prompted as to what steps they need to take next and yet get the feeling that they are in the live application. This allows several applications to be stitched together into one training environment and also allows trainers to set quizzes and “live” application tests where users can be scored on their performance.

Promoter Name: - Sandeep Sharma

Domain: - IT Technology

Website: -

Tech Hyaku

Hyaku Innovations Private Limited

Tech hyaku uses IOT and Machine Learning Technology in smart home automation and industrial automation focusing on manufacturing, agriculture and governance.

Promoter Name: - Amit Mehra

Domain: - Intelligent Home Automation

Website: -

Subject Mate An Educational Hub

Subject Mate An Educational Hub (Dream Oak Private Limited)

Subjectmate is an online education platform powered by artificial intelligence. It helpsunderstudies all through their assignments and examinations right from the time they pick any course. At Subjectmate they offer Question & Answers, Written and Live Lesson, Digital Solutions of Textbooks, Internship and Careers.

Promoter Name: - Hemendra Vaishnava

Domain: - Online Tutorials

Website: -

Zero Gravity Aerosystems

Zero Gravity Aerosystems Private Limited

They are in to manufacturing of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) commonly known as drones. They have acquired expertise in this field by working with hundreds of clients all over the country for last four years. They customize the drones for clients need and provide them out of box solutions. The team consist of aero engineers and UAV pilots who have thousands of flying hours under their belt. They provide UAV solution for different industries.

Promoter Name: - Antriksh Rajawat

Domain: - Drones manufacturing

Website: -

Bionics And Intelligence Lab

Bionika And Intelligence Lab Private Limited

Bionics and Intelligence Lab deals with the challenge of artificial Intelligence based prosthetics limbs and rehabilitation devices. This company encourages young researchers for research and advancement of AI based prosthetics development. The company also delivers the consultancy in the field of machine learning, embedded system and robotics. They provides facility of learning the various programs which correspond to the research and development of AI based real time systems.

Promoter Name: - Sidharth Pancholi

Domain: - Prosthetic

Website: -

Half Array Communications

Half Array Communications Private Limited

Half Array is a new generation digital marketing and branding company. We are a team of designers, thinkers and marketing wizards. Our focus is to add value to organizations & individuals. We take the result-oriented approach in devising digital strategies for brands to grow.

Promoter Name: - Somansh Gaur

Domain: - Website providers aggregators

Website: -

Glads Evergreen Cube

GladsEvergreen Cube Private Limited

Glads provide high quality laundry services to clients. Helping people with their busy schedule and providing them an easy way to have their laundry done.

Promoter Name: - Anant Jain

Domain: - Laundry Services

Website: -


Rekop Private Limited

They are developing an AI and ML powered technology coupled with Block chain to create the first ever Personalized Mobile Poker Coaching Application with an inbuilt Smart Automated HUD and Bankroll Management System alongside one of its kind Poker Platform Aggregator. REKOP will be the one stop solution for Poker learning..

Promoter Name: - Arpit Poddar,Himanshu Sharma

Domain: - Gaming Tutorials

Website: -

Robert Davies Associates

Robert Davies Associates Private Limited. (The Hidden Talent Explorer)

They address education issues concerned with system, students, teachers, educational institutes and agro-entrepreneurs by "creating a project based learning model of education system" that is not just the best in world but become the best yardstick for the world, which emphasize on evaluation of quality, equity and efficiency of school systems in providing young people with appropriate skills.

Promoter Name: - Snigdha Sharma

Domain: - Education Consultancy

Website: -

Morol Refinary

Morol Refinary Private Limited

Morol Refinery scientists and engineers are pioneering new research and pursuing new technologies to reduce emissions by creating most efficient bio fuels. They are committed to responsibly meet the world’s energy needs.

Promoter Name: - Peeyush Poddar

Domain: - Bio diesel manufacturing

Website: -

Indibuds India

Indibuds India Private Limited

Indi buds promote exotic plant species in the country & to conserve pottery art forms like blue pottery, terracotta pottery, glass pottery, grass pottery and wooden pottery. One can lend support to cultivators & rural artisans through them. INDIBuds recently started work in Hydroponics IOT based smart green walls which is almost zero maintenance at client side.

Promoter Name: - Abhishek Jain

Domain: - Agro-Tech

Website: -

IndiGreenz Innovations

IndiGreenz Innovations Private Limited

To revive & propagate ancient & contemporary traditions of crafts and other artisanal skills and to create cultural legacy of such products that can be marketed at a premium in domestic & international markets.

Promoter Name: - Rajkumar Jani, Rolika Shukla

Domain: - Eco-friendly Textile

Website: - IndiGreenz Innovations

Vidhyarthi Darpan

Vidhyarthi Darpan Private Limited provides a highly interactive platform for various kinds of educational activities. Vidhyarthidarpan integrates all educational entities to provide a complete solution for students.

Promoter Name: - Sharad Sharma

Domain: - Platform for Education Institutes

Website: -

Infinite Power

Infinite Power Private Limited

IProject idea is to have a zero point self-infinity power inverter which can run on 12 to 24 volt.

Promoter Name: - Prerak Soni

Domain: - Energy Efficiency

Website: - Infinite Power


Marktine Business Solutions Private Limited.

Marktine has offered innovative, agile and adaptive solutions across business verticals and disciplines including marketing technology on turn-key basis. Marktine had become highest turnover achieving active start up at MIIC in Financial Year 2018-19 (Crossing 1 Cr.).

Promoter Name: - Alok Sharma, Manish Namdev

Domain: - Marketing Solutions

Website: -

Polysol Infotech

Polysol Infotech Private Limited.

They provide digital marketing solutions to the various growing business sectors. They Launched web applications for the unemployed youth of the country to fulfill their dreams.

Promoter Name: - Kumar Shashi Shekhar

Domain: - Digital Marketing

Website: -


Amigos IT Services Pvt ltd

One stop solution for modern day woman tailoring needs. We aim at providing hassle free and enjoyable tailoring experience with all new designs and patterns offered by a team of talented designers.Have a "Comfort Tailoring" with eStitch!!!!!!

Promoter Name: - Ankit Jain

Domain: - Tailoring

Website: -



A food heaven for the health conscious Indians. Healthy meals as per customer’s convenient time and place.

Promoter Name: - Aaditya Panchariya

Domain: - Health solutions

Website: -



Krooozer is an initiative to create smart apparels for smart riders creating an intelligent and smart city network. This product enhances the visibility of rider and projects the indications of two wheeler on the rear of the shoulders of the rider. It is synchronized with respective two wheeler, and the lights on the device illuminates as per the tail lamps and indicators of the vehicle. It simultaneously can provide capabilities for emergency communications for SOS situations.

Promoter Name: - Reetesh Kocheta

Domain: - Innovative product for two wheeler riders

Website: -



ECOWRAP is a solid waste management startup. It offers a decentralized, reliable, transparent, digitized and paid waste collection service for exact sustainable treatment of solid recyclable waste. It also converts some of these (eco-friendly) recycled wastes into useable commodities. These commodities are available for sale to the end user with significantly low prices. ECO WRAP is one the fastest growing start up in Rajasthan. They established their own aluminum waste recycling plant and recycled 3MT aluminum waste & saved 9 MT CO2 emission

Promoter Name: - Angraj Swami

Domain: - Waste management solutions

Website: -



Safarnama is a travel startup which believes in giving a lifetime experience to the explorers. It Curates trips for voyagers especially students and take client to offbeat places to make it a memorable travel experience. It is providing people a platform to connect with other likeminded individuals and making customer’s experience, different cultures, environment and cuisine. After being incubated at MIIC it has organized more than 5 successful trips

Promoter Name: - Siddhant Batra

Domain: - Travel Solutions

Website: -



IDCLE Start up provides IT services to various companies based on the specific requirements in terms of Products & Services. It is established as an innovative High-Tech company in Jaipur, India. They have products for Health-Care and for Manufacturing Industries, as well as they also provide services for custom software development, IOT, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Promoter Name: - Prateek Kedia

Domain: - Customized ERP Solutions for SME’s

Website: -

Naukri-Wale.Com (Famous as NWCJOBS) among the top 5 emerging HR Tech Startup (Report : Sept Tracxn 2016) is a web/mobile job matching application developed for blue/grey collar recruitment in India, offer online & offline solutions. NWCJOBS leverage the power of mobile technology to quickly connect employers to well qualified job seekers and workers to jobs. Its Rajasthan’s No. 1 Market place to hire industrial worker across industries like Drivers, CNC Operators, Factory Workers, CAD Designer, Telecaller, Patient Care/Bed Side Attendant, Mechanics, Technicians, Electricians etc under 60 job categories.

Promoter Name: - Nitin Sagar

Domain: - Job solutions for blue collared workers and lower level employees

Website: -